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Read a Book

Nothing is less welcome than unsolicited good advice. It comes with too many negative assumptions, like I know better, and you don’t.

I don’t like it when someone tells me I should give up cigars and take up soccer. I am well aware that the best advice in the world will be resented and ignored if not offered with humility and grace.

Such delicate manners have never been my strong suit, but meager though they are, I am willing to exhaust my supply to share one invaluable insight that has made my life richer, and could do the same for you, I humbly believe. read more

Global Trembling Part 2: The Cure?

Last month we talked about how information overload is making us crazy with fear and paranoia, distorting our perceptions of reality.

But I also argued that Global Trembling isn’t merely hallucinations from overstressed minds, it has real causes.

To quote: “Information overload makes us feel out of control.”

The fact is, we aren’t in control. The forces that drive events today are infinitely stronger than the outdated institutions we created in earlier times to manage the world.

Not long ago the victors of World War II established the United Nations to enforce global peace and justice. read more

Global Trembling: The Toxic Cloud

You can feel the tension everywhere. In America, where we’re having a fearful, farcical election. In Europe, from the Brexit shores of Dover to the refugee-laden borders of Turkey. Even at the Olympics, during what is supposed to be a celebration, the opening speech told us that the world was coming together in Rio at a time of dire, global crisis.

Really? The summer of 2016 is uniquely frightening and insecure, compared to other Olympiad years when things were so tranquil the speeches never said a discouraging word? read more